Residential Damage Claims – Your Legal Rights

When you purchase homeowner’s insurance coverage, you expect your insurance provider to be there for you after a disaster, to treat you fairly, and pay fair compensation for your damages. You were expected to pay your insurance premiums as they became due, so why would you expect anything less from your insurance provider. Unfortunately, some insurance providers are acting in bad faith and unfairly delaying, denying, and underpaying Hurricane Maria damage claims.

If your insurance provider is mistreating you, it is important that you understand your legal rights. You have a right to receive fair and just payment for the damages and losses you suffered during Hurricane Maria so that you can rebuild and repair and move forward with your life as soon as possible.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

If an insurance company acts in bad faith when handling damage claims, policyholders have the right to sue the insurance provider for the full value of the claim, including any attorney fees and lawsuit expenses.

Some of the most common ways that insurance providers act in bad faith when processing damage claims include-

  • Denying a valid insurance claim that is covered by the insurance policy;
  • Failing to investigate a filed claim;
  • Paying only a portion of a legitimately filed claim;
  • Purposefully underestimating losses when it knows the actual extent of the damages and cost of repair;
  • Refusing to make a good faith offer for settlement of a claim;
  • Terminating coverage without notifying the policyholder; or,
  • Unfairly and unreasonably delaying the investigation or payment of a claim.

    These are not the only ways insurance providers take advantage of their clients, and the right to be treated and paid fairly is not the only protection you have. To learn about your legal rights and the insurance process, contact one of our insurance law attorneys to discuss the specifics of your claim. We offer free consultations so that victims of insurance greed can learn about their rights and the options that may be available to them. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you recover the money you need to repair and rebuild after Hurricane Maria.

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