Residential Damage Claims – Appraisal Process

Whether you have a private insurance policy, or you are covered for flood damage by the National Flood Insurance Program, you may be forced to resolve a claim dispute through an appraisal process. This process is used to resolve insurance claim disagreements, such as when a provider unfairly denies a claim, or underpays a claim leaving you without enough money to complete repairs or finish rebuilding. The appraisal process is typically one of the first measures used to resolve disputes. If your insurance provider requires the use of this process to settle disputes, it should say so in your insurance policy.

The Appraisal Process

For the appraisal process, three independent appraisers are hired: you hire one to represent your interests, the insurance provider hires the second to represent their interests, and a third is hired to act as an umpire. You are responsible for the costs of your independent appraise and half of the costs for the umpire.

Your appraiser and the insurance company’s appraiser will each inspect your property and prepare a damage report. If both appraisers agree on the amount, then the matter is settled for that amount. If they arrive at different amounts, the umpire reviews both appraisals and makes the final decision. The final determination is binding for both parties.

Other Options You Can Use to Resolve a Damage Claim Dispute

If your insurance provider underpays or unfairly denies your legitimate damage claims, you will need to act fast to dispute the amount. Your policy may provide for other forms of dispute resolutions, including submitting a formal, written appeal, requesting arbitration, hiring a public adjuster, or enlisting the aid of an experienced insurance law attorney.

Consulting with our attorneys may save money and time when you want to dispute a settlement offer. With our free consultation, you can learn about the options that may be available to you from an experienced legal professional without any obligation to hire our firm. We will help you decide on the option that gives you the best chance to get the money you need to rebuild or make repairs after a storm.

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