Puerto Rico Business Damage Claims – Deadlines

Most insurance companies set deadlines for filing storm damage claims. You should file an insurance claim immediately to avoid problems with deadlines. If you cannot file your claim right now, contact your insurance company to ask for the deadline to file claims. While some insurance companies may have extended the deadline for Hurricane Maria claims, don’t assume your insurance company extended its deadline for filing claims.

For example, FEMA has waived the requirement to file a Proof of Loss (POL) form with hurricane damage claims, and allowed policyholders up to one year from the date of loss to file this documentation. However, your insurance provider may still require a POL form with the initial claim.

Check with your company for deadlines and requirements for filing claims. Your insurance policy is actually a contract between you and the company. You must follow the instructions within the policy and abide by the terms of the contract to recover compensation for your claim.

Filing an Appeal When an Insurance Claim is Denied

If your insurance provider denies your claim or underpays your claim, you don’t have to accept that decision as a final resolution. You have the right to appeal a denial or underpayment. When you receive the insurance company’s offer, act quickly because there could be deadlines to file an appeal. You should immediately:

  • Review your policy to determine if there is a deadline for filing an appeal;
  • Determine the procedure required for filing an appeal under the insurance contract;
  • Compare the reason for the denial with the insurance policy to determine the basis for your appeal. If the denial or the reason for a low offer is not clear, ask for clarification from the insurance examiner;
  • File your appeal before the deadline expires according to the procedure outlined in the insurance contract;
  • If your appeal is denied or your insurance company refuses to acknowledge your appeal, contact our attorneys for further assistance.

    Filing an appeal or dispute of an insurance claim can be a complex undertaking. Depending on the insurance contract, the appeals process may involve hiring an independent appraiser, or you may be required to submit to arbitration. It is helpful to have an experienced attorney on your side as you navigate the claims process, including any subsequent appeals.

    Our Puerto Rico insurance claims attorneys can review your insurance policy to determine deadlines, requirements, and procedures. We can also file your damage claim and negotiate with the provider for a fair settlement that pays to repair the damage to your business and reimburse you for your other losses.

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