Insurance Companies Facing Government Lawsuits in Puerto Rico

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December 26, 2017
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September 21, 2018

The government of Puerto Rico has announced it has filed lawsuits against insurance providers that did not respond quick enough to policyholder damage claims filed after Hurricane Maria slammed into the Commonwealth in 2017.

Some insurance providers drag the claims process out or make it more difficult than it has to be causing policyholders undue frustration that may lead to them accepting a lower payout or dropping their claim altogether.

Lawsuits Filed to Protect Policyholders

Governor Ricardo Rossello explained that the government filed the lawsuits to prevent insurance providers from alleging hurricane damage claims have expired and rejecting them. Insurance providers may try to drop claims if policyholders do not sue within 12 months.

According to government figures, at least 16,000 hurricane damage claims still have not been resolved, and the lawsuits are seeking $2.6 billion in damages for those claims.

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